About Us

Axe throwing is a new up and coming sport that is FUN, SAFE and ADDICTIVE. Come Throw, then walk 48 seconds to the Chronicle Brewery Patio. 

We use FRESHLY CUT SPRUCE WOOD that is locally sourced from WOODLEY’s saw mill in Enniskillen, Ontario.

Why is this important?

YOUR target boards deserves the respect that it deserves. Our goal is to create a COMMUNITY.PERIOD. We love Axe Throwing and we KNOW you will fall in LOVE with this SPORT. 

We are also a sanctioned World Axe Throwing League affiliate (WATL)


The World Axe Throwing League is not here to promote a single brand or image. WATL is here to promote the sport of indoor axe throwing as a whole while bringing together all indoor urban axe throwing clubs from around the world. We seek to standardize the sport of axe throwing – from official league rules, the points tracking system, safety protocols, axe throwing techniques, and everything in between. The prime directive of WATL this year is to achieve the unprecedented; to host the first-ever worldwide axe throwing tournament!