Axe Throwing League

We Are‎ Super‎ Excited‎ To‎ Offer‎ A New 8 Week Season Starting August 24th, 2022.

The Stoick Open

Co-ed League

Come join Stoick for WATL’s inaugural Venue Cup!!

The Venue Cup is a 4-week competition, beginning November 9th. Each week, the top 3 and bottom 3 scores from each participating venue are averaged, to create a weekly average score for each venue. After week 3 is completed, the first 3 weeks averages for a venue are averaged again, to create the venues overall average to beat. The final week (the 4th) is thrown just like every other week. The top 3 and bottom 3 scores are averaged together and compared to the FIRST 3 weeks’ average. The winning venue is the one that BEATS their first 3-week average by the the largest margin on week 4.

Plus, STOICK will be adding another two weeks, just to keep the excitement going!

$105 For 6 Weeks Of FUN!

Wednesday Evenings At 7:00 PM

Starts November 9th Concludes December 21st.

Waivers Must Be Signed Prior To First Night (Fill Out Your Waiver Online)